12-Week Clinical Trial

A new skincare product using tomato extract is coming soon, but we’re looking for beta testers. Are you interested in participating in our 12-week study?

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We’re looking for women 35-55 who want to try a new product as part of a 12-week study. Benefits include:

Firmer Skin
Softer complexion
Reduced blemishes
Compensation for your time

Will I be compensated for participating?

Participants who complete the study may be eligible to receive up to $75

What will I have to do?

Once Per Day

This is a 12-week trial in which you will consume one capsule per day of a plant-based dietary supplement.

From Wherever You Are

This is a 100% remote trial, meaning you will not have to physically attend study visits.

Use Your Phone

Instead, you will use the mobile ClaimIt app to complete questionnaires about your symptoms and other related information.

Is this product safe?

The ingredients are derived from plants and vegetables and have received the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation from the FDA.

Who is conducting the study?

ObvioHealth will be conducting this study. ObvioHealth is a team of professionals dedicated to helping healthcare companies conduct clinical studies so new medications, treatments or devices can be approved.

What is the ClaimIt app and how does it work?

ClaimIt is ObvioHealth's proprietary digital platform. ClaimIt utilizes a 100% online and mobile app interface to execute clinical trials. ClaimIt removes the hassle and inconvenience of going to a clinic or physician's office.

More About Participating With Your Smart Phone

If you use an iPhone or Android smart phone, you'll be able to install the app. ObvioHealth will email you a link to download the app from either Apple iTunes or the Google Play Store. The app will be free to download.

After you register using the form below, you will be sent an email from ObvioHealth. The email will contain a link to download the app and a unique ID you can use to log in and begin the screening process.

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The primary objective of this study is to assess the consumer-perceived effectiveness of the Lycored Lumenato supplement through twelve subjective skin-health indicators as measured by the FACE-Q™ Satisfaction with Skin scale (validated questionnaire) at five time-points (Baseline, Week 4, Week 8, Week 12, Week 14).

All trials go through an approval process by a Research Ethics Committee. The committee looks after the rights, safety, dignity and well-being of those taking part in research and decides if the trial is safe and ethical to conduct, and whether it can go ahead or not. Trials with which you may be invited to participate have all received such approval from a Research Ethics Committee.

  • Participants will consume the study product for 12 weeks
  • Participants will fill out a questionnaire at 5 points during the course of the study

You may receive up to $75 compensation for your time and participation for completing the entire 16-week study. This will be sent to you in the form of an electronic gift card. The payment will be sent to the email address you provided to the study team during the screening period. Payment can take up to 7 days to be sent to you. After completing Week 6, you may be eligible to receive $25 for your time and participation. The remaining $50 compensation will be sent at the end of the study. In order to be eligible for compensation, you must be at least 75% compliant with study tasks. Should you end your participation in the study before the 12 weeks is complete, you may receive $20*.

In order to determine your eligibility, please complete the questionnaire below. Individuals that qualify will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed to study enrollment, and will discuss study, including specific compensation for your participation.

*Please note: 1nHealth Inc, as the participant recruitment company and the advertiser for this study, ObvioHealth Inc, as the research organization (together the "Study Entities”) will confidentially store your data in a secure database. Personal information provided will never be shared with or sold to any other persons or organizations not associated with Study Entities. The Study Entities may use provided personal information to contact you according to your included contact information for matters related to participation in this study or other clinical studies for which you may qualify. At any time, you may request we delete your information and/or opt-out of future communications by updating your preferences.