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Planning to formula feed your baby?

This in-home clinical study might be right for you. If your infant is younger than 12 days, you are very likely to be eligible! Expectant mothers (35 weeks or more) are also welcome to sign up.

Why join this study?

  • Infant formula provided at no cost
  • Get $590 in compensation for your time
  • Receive a full set of high-quality tools to measure your baby’s weight, length and head circumference
  • Easy to participate from the comfort of your home
  • Your participation is valuable in making goat milk-based infant formula available to parents in the USA

What Will I Have to Do?

Participation is easy, all study activities can be completed from your home
and at no cost. Our team of professionals will train you and will be available
for questions or advice.

Fill Out Our Form

Click on apply and complete the form. If you are eligible, you will receive an email link to download the study app to install on your phone or tablet.


You are eligible to receive either our goat milk infant formula or a well-known existing cow milk infant formula.


Using the study app and devices, you will measure and report your baby’s growth as well as the amount of formula your baby consumed.

We just add goat milk goodness

We, at Jovie, will bring the first goat milk infant formula to the USA.

Make history by participating in this study.

Scientific research has confirmed that goat milk is a safe and suitable basis for infant formula. The European Food Safety Authority approved goat milk as a protein source for infant formula in 2012. Growing numbers of parents around the globe have experienced the benefits of goat milk and embrace these products. Many of them enjoy the easy digestibility of goat milk and find their babies are responding very well to goat milk formula.


Breast milk is the gold standard for babies. In cases of insufficient breast milk or if breastfeeding is not possible, infant formula is a good alternative. At Jovie we are all about happy babies. Many babies around the world have already grown up happily on goat milk based infant formula. So why would you settle for a cow milk-based infant formula if you can also choose a goat milk-based formula? Help us make goat milk formula available to the parents and babies in the USA by joining this study.

Goat's milk baby formula? Is that OK for an infant?

Yes, European and other international authorities have thoroughly reviewed the nutritional content of goat's milk. They've found that, when adapted for baby formula, goat's milk protein supports normal growth and development in infants. Some people believe that it may be tolerated better than formula based on cow milk or soy protein, with less upset stomachs or allergic responses, but that's not certain. However, raw goat's milk, like raw cow's milk, is not safe to feed a baby. Refer to this article found on the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

If you have any questions, then please contact the study team on

Find out if you are eligible to join the study.

We need to ask you a few questions. In just a few minutes you can find out if you are eligible to join.

This questionnaire will help us to better understand you and your baby (as applicable) and determine if this study is right for you and your baby. Please think carefully and be honest when answering the following questions.